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Architectural Metalwork

Specializing in Stainless Steel Fabrication, m-tec works with public artists, architects and regeneration specialists to provide fabrication expertise, design, consultation and installation.

Our range of architectural Metalwork services include stainless steel sculptures, stainless steel public art, as well as stainless steel bridges, canopies, staircases, lighting, and seating. m-tec also speciaslises in bespoke architectural fabrication, form work, and concrete moulds.

Visit the m-tec website and take a look at our project portfolio to learn more about the work we do and what we can offer.

Stainless Steel Canopy

Location: Napp Pharmaceutical Cambridge | Architect: RH Partnership Architects

Bespoke stainless steel canopy fabricated from 316 grade stainless steel and installed at Napp Pharmaceutical in Cambridge.

The canopy is combined with a remote sun shade which is operated electronically depending on the weather conditions. The custom built canopy is over 22 metres long and has a striking shape which was designed by RH Partnership Architects.

The Stainless Steel Canopy was fabricated and installed by m-tec

The Wave

Location: St John's Square, Blackpool | Artist: Lucy Glendinning

Standing 10.5 meters high and weighing almost 17 tonnes, The Wave Sculptures outer skin and inner skeleton was fabricated from 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel to protect against corrosion in Blackpool's coastal environment.

The stainless steel was polished to a mirror finish providing a stunning array of shape and detail. The curved complex shape of the sculpture and pattern detail provided a challenge for the fabrication team, but the skill and expertise of m-tec's coded welders and fabricators meant that the sculpture was finished to the exacting standards called for by m-tec and Lucy Glendinning.

Meads Reach Bridge

Location: Temple Quay II, Bristol | Architect: Niall McLaughlin

The bridge was fabricated from 2205 duplex stainless steel. Its construction was made from eight sections, which were delivered individually to the Bristol location. This was then re-assembled and fully welded together making one complete structure. Final polishing was undertaken and the completed pedestrian walkway was craned into place in one piece, making this one of m-tec's most prestigious projects to date.

m-tec fabricated the 55 metre, 75 tonne fully stainless steel pedestrian walkway at their Darwen Headquarters.

The 02 Ribbon

Location: Telefónica's Headquarters, Slough | Architect: SWARM UK

Stretching over 12 metres, the polished stainless steel surface and the unique LED screens communicate the latest campaigns, strategies and real time information.

To make the ribbon appear to organically flow around the space it had to be precisely engineered to ensure it had structural integrity with the minimum of supports. The result is stainless steel ribs which are laser cut, rolled and then assembled as an interlocking 3D puzzle. The installation bends its way around the geometric angles of the buildings supporting columns so the screen surface presents to every part of the atrium building. It is critical that the tiles remain parallel on the curved surfaces without becoming misaligned. This was achieved thanks to m-tec's attention to detail.

Airburst Sculptures

Location: BAE Systems, several sites | Architect: Ron Barlow

The design represents a shell's trajectory and subsequent detonation.

The Airburst sculptures were manufactured by specialist metal fabricators, m-tec, at their Darwen Headquarters.

Sky Ramp

Location: Attwood Green, Birmingham | Artist: N K Projects

The Sky Mirror is a viewing platform that combines a water mirror, m-tec were responsible for the full fabrication of the Sky Ramp.

The 38 metre stainless steel walkway was fabricated at m-tec's Darwen Headquarters with the timber decking installed prior to delivery and the full metal sculpture polished to a satin finish. m-tec delivered the walkway in three sections where it was sited next to the water feature.

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